Teeth Whitening

All you need to know...

Teeth whitening Our process uses a teeth whitening agent that will remove stains either on its own or with a combination of light. Your teeth have tiny microscopic pores, the whitening agent cleans these pores resulting in a whitening of the teeth that will bring back your confidence and brighten your smile!

How much whiter will my teeth be?
Smile White Teeth Whitening can normally lighten your teeth by between 2 and 8 shades. The lightening does depend on the natural colour of your teeth and the type of staining. You should however notice a significant change. Longer treatments can mean lighter teeth.

How long is the procedure?
A full session takes up to one hour. We undertake three separate applications of the whitening gel to the surface of the teeth, each taking 15 minutes. The repetition opens the pores more effectively allowing the oxidisation to work more thoroughly.

Are there side effects?
Your teeth may become more sensitive but there is no long term effects on your teeth or their enamel. There have been many studies confirming this.

I have crowns and/or fillings?
Smile White Teeth Whitening only works on your natural teeth, not on crowns or fillings. We can however remove surface stains during the process.

Why do I have different shades?
On the edge of your teeth the enamel is slightly thinner. You may also have calcium deposits on some teeth. These anomalies will fade soon after your original treatment as it “beds in”.

How long will my teeth whitening last?
Our teeth whitening process will remove stains permanently and generally lasts 18 months. What we can’t do though is stop the staining that occurs from eating certain foods, or drinking certain drinks, smoking will also stain your teeth again. Our Top-Up Treatments are recommended to maintain the original whitening adding many months to your treatment.